Bryan & Lisa Rill, PhD’s are the dynamic duo at the heart of the team. Trained as social scientists, they bring a detail-oriented yet creative approach to research and user experience design. Their skills are complemented by colleagues that hold advanced degrees in Digital Anthropology, Cognitive Science, and History. Each team member has a strong foundation in academics that has been translated into industry practices. We serve clients large and small with integrity, empathy, and creativity.

Bryan (Sage) Rill, PhD

Bryan is the Founder and Principle at Rill Insights, and Lecturer in the Cognitive Science department at the University of California San Diego.  

His specialties are building product and research operations systems that drive innovation, conducting research, coaching, and facilitation. Bryan teaches product teams how to understand end-users, identify their unmet needs, and inform design parameters. The goal is often to embed human-centered design practices throughout the organization, ensuring that the design and development process is informed by the voice of the customer.

Bryan recieved his PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Florida State University in 2011, and has since worked professionally as a design educator, researcher, experience designer, and operations manager for a range of organizations, from startups to enterprise software companies. He leverages a diverse, global background to deliver insights, catalyze innovation, and develop creative leaders. He is author of the book, “The Art of Co-Creation: A Guidebook for Practitioners” – a user guide for designing and facilitating co-creative innovation.

  • Research Strategy & Operations
  • Co-Creative Innovation
  • Product Management
  • Experience Design

Lisa Rill, PhD

Trained originally as a Sociologist with subject matter expertise in Aging and Healthcare, Lisa brings her passion for helping others to every project. She is our user research and communications expert, a skilled interviewer and detail-oriented content designer. Her professional services include:

  • Effective translation from client needs to action plans
  • Conducting qualitative UX/ CX research to improve products and services
  • Professional writing, creating content for digital products, product education, and training
  • Content strategy for customer engagement communications
  • Connecting people with resources to help them live a quality life as they grow older
  • Education and instructional design

Lisa recieved her PhD in Sociology from Florida State University in 2011. She leverages qualitative research and professional writing experience to help clients conduct UX/CX research and create content that lands with the target audience.



  • Aging Education & Services
  • Content Writing & Editing
  • User Research

Our Team

Parla Buyruk

Graduate Intern, UX Researcher

Sydney Yeager

Digital Anthropologist, Senior UX Researcher

Greg Wright

Market Researcher, Content Writer