Welcome to the all new Design Insight Series, or ‘DIS’….a set of mini lessons for designers and design researchers. These lessons stem from my experience as an anthropologist, design practitioner, and educator. I typically teach these in classes, and lately I’ve been inspired to share them more broadly. If you like these insights, click the Subscribe button below, or read them as blogs on my website. Links are provided in the description below.

Without further adieu, lets dig in. What content can you expect?

The series will start with questions that entrepreneurs often have when developing a new product or service. Each Design Insight video will introduce the question, why it is important, and how to go about answering it. I plan to anchor each design insight in a real world experience. Some of these stories are funny, some are inspirational, and some are lessons learned the hard way. It is my hope that these insights help prepare you to work with clients and the issues they will bring to you.

Key Questions

  • What problems, needs, and motivations do people have?
  • Is there a need in the market?
  • Do people value the solution?
  • How do I design a compelling story?
  • How do I get more people to remember and love my brand?
  • How do I create a more engaging user experience?
  • Do people understand my product’s value proposition?
  • Can people figure out how to use my product?
  • Is our design getting better?
  • Why do people stop using my product?
  • Is our solution better than competitors?
  • Why don’t people adopt new features when I launch them?