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The Art of Co-Creation

For design and innovation leadership

The Art of Co-Creation: A Guidebook for Practitioners, was published in 2018 by Dr. Bryan Rill and Matti Hämäläinen. The book stemmed from years of research with some of the best design thinkers and organizational transformation catalysts in the world. Here we share our model and tips to design for and facilitate innovation that draws not from the sole genious designer, but rather from a much more powerful creative force…collective intelligence.

Spotlight Video

Creating Happier Customers & Speed up Development

On this episode of Chaos to Clarity, Eric Weiss sits down with Bryan to discuss the significance of human-centered design, product-market fit, and research in product development. They debunk the solo genius myth and highlight the importance of understanding customers and driving discovery-led growth.

Design Insight Series

Design Insights Series_Introduction

Design Insights Series_Introduction

Welcome to the all new Design Insight Series, or 'DIS'....a set of mini lessons for designers and design researchers. These lessons stem from my experience as an anthropologist, design practitioner, and educator. I typically teach these in classes, and lately I've...

Who are my users?

In this episode of the Design Insights Series, I address one of the first questions to ask in new product development, "Who are my users?" I explain why this question is important to ask, and how to answer it, using the ethnographic tools...